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Financial Arena offers sophisticated financial consulting and training services focusing on financial modeling, financial forecasting, investment assessment, and financial model audit and review.

Its senior partners have 20+ years of banking and investment industry experience and have been involved in several aspects of investment management and corporate lending decisions and operations.

Moreover, it is one of the first globally financial consultancies to be accredited by the FAST Standard Organization to deliver FAST Training courses, preparing participants (usually managers) to take the FAST Standard certificate, a highly valued and increasingly sought after qualification.

Areas of consultation and training services include: 

  • Best Practice Financial Modeling using Excel
  • Financial Modeling and Risk Analysis using @RISK
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Constructing and Managing Equity Portfolios
  • Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Financial Modeling based on FAST Modeling Standard
  • Best Practice Project Finance Modeling
  • Investment Performance Measurement and Portfolio Attribution
  • Securities and Derivatives
  • Financial Model Audit & Review

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