People at Work

Whether you operate in a steady or turbulent environment with a cost focus or differentiation strategy with big or small budgets, the development of your people is of paramount importance.

Marketing and technological initiatives offer competitive advantages but can be easily copied. However, strategic capabilities based on your unique culture and operational architecture cannot.

We believe in the potential of people and teams. Actually we have the privilege of collaborating with Belbin® Associates, the pioneers in personal and team development, Kaizen Park in S. Russia and the Lean Institute of Turkey for workshops on advanced Lean Management Techniques.
Over the years, we have also delivered more than 1500 hours of training in cooperation with esteemed institutes like the UCATT, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing and the University of Piraeus.

Our experience has shown that employees do want to develop and use their skills. They also like to receive feedback, support and... acknowledgement for their efforts; in a consistent, objective and nice way.

Undoubtedly, a coherent Human Resource Development Strategy pays off!

We invite you to look at our unique services covering all aspects of HRD from training to recruitment, looking forward to the opportunity to showing you our portfolio of competencies and projects! 

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