Business Planning

Business Planning is an important tool for any business initiative or finance projects and contains the description of your business model and the strategies to be followed –usually- in the next five years.

It drives energy and thought for decision making from all company departments and includes information on all business dimensions such as:

  • Market, Sector and Competitor analysis, Customer behaviour as well as wider environmental factors that could impact company’s performance in a negative or positive way (External analysis)

  • Structure and Operational architecture analysis, company's strategic advantages and limitations as well as product portfolio including new products and services (Internal analysis), justifying strategic and tactical choices both market and operational

  • Targets and goals and the way these will be achieved, describing old and new strategies quoting historical data and forecasts on sales, communications and HR practices with metrics and scenarios (with the corresponding actions)

  • Financial analysis consisting of a thorough presentation and analysis of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Sales Budget, Break Even points per product category and Financing required, with the corresponding funding options and financial ratios

Our consultants will help you prepare your business plan without errors and omissions, realistic to the targets set, timely and easy to understand, coordinating with your people and teams the necessary procedures and actions!

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Look at:

  • Market research

  • Change Management for Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Sales Planning

  • Salesforce Development & Coordination

  • Communications Management including Social Media

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Training on Marketing, Sales & Sales Management and Communications

  • Developing your idea

  • Minding your operations

  • 360 degree audit   

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