Change Management for Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are important strategic choices but unfortunately in most of the cases, they are not positively received as such, by important stakeholders.
The negative reactions on individual, team and organisational level are many and may impact – in a negative way- the daily operations and performance with procrastination, errors, omissions and conflict.

Companies, especially from historical national antiparathesis of culture and interests, should be more careful.

Contact us for an appointment to explain to you in more detail the way we could support you during and after a Merger or Acquisition towards a faster and effective bridging of systems and management practices, focusing on the People and the need to link interests, skills and organisational performance.

Look at:

  • Market research

  • Business planning

  • Communications Management including Social Media

  • Sales Planning

  • Salesforce Development & Coordination

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Training on Marketing, Sales & Sales Management and Communications

  • Developing your idea

  • Minding your operations

  • 360 degree audit   

Contact us for a detailed brief.